Release notes

In this pages you can find a list of mozImage official releases. If you want a detailed change log of the works before 1.0 you can click here. Each release is followed by a short description of added feature(s) and fixed bug(s). At the end you will find some ideas for next releases.

Release 1.4.8 [download]

Release 1.4.7 [download]

Release 1.4.6 [download]

Release 1.4.5 [download]

Release 1.4.4 [download]

Release 1.4.3 [download]

Release 1.4.2 [download]

Release 1.4.1 [download]

Release 1.4 [download]

Release 1.2 [download]

Release 1.0 [download]

TODO list

Next things to do are:

The mozimage project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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